Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trip to San Fran Part IV: Magnolia Gastro Pub & Brewery



I loved the glasses they served their beer in and the refurbished wood bar.

Since this was JJ's first time visiting San Francisco, we had to make sure to hit the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. We spent an entire day just walking in and out of shops and people watching in this historic area known best for its hippie culture that began in the 60s. Many people still feel connected to this American counterculture and it is evident by the amount of people that flock there on a daily basis.

After walking around for a couple of hours, it began to rain and we were looking to a place to grab something to eat and few drinks. We came upon Magnolia Gastro Pub and Brewery and we loved the look and feel of the place. We grabbed two seats at the bar and ordered some craft beers. We were feeling a bit daring while we were looking at the menu and decided to try the smelt appetizer. We thought they would pair well with the beer for a mid-afternoon nosh. The flash fried fish
came to the table and once we both got past the fact that we were about to eat whole fish, we were able to enjoy them. Smelts have very thin bones so you can eat the whole fish; bones, head, and all. There were a few in the basket that looked scary with their mouths open, almost like they were surprised after being thrown in the hot fryer. Needless to say, those remained on the plate. The malt vinegar added a great zing to the salty, crispy fish. It was a great plate to share over a couple of beers, but I am not sure next time I would feel so daring. Thinking about it now, gives me the willies!

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