Sunday, June 6, 2010


Lately, I have had an obsession with beets. I am not sure if its the earthy flavor I love or the fact that my hands get dyed a lovely fuchsia while preparing them. Coming out of a 2 to 3 month vegetarian phase, I had a craving for this amazing root vegetable. I was discussing this with a friend and she mentioned that my body was craving the iron. Isn't that amazing?...that our bodies crave certain foods because we are lacking in that particular nutrient? What about when I crave Cheetos? What is my body telling me, then?

Beets were never part of my regular diet. Sure, I had eaten them on a salad here or there while dining out, but had never prepared them myself at home before. There are two ways that I have been preparing them lately; boiling until nice and tender or roasting them in the oven to make them nice and sweet.

Beet Salad (above)
· boiled beets
· strawberries
· sliced green onions
· mixed greens
· feta cheese
· dressing: good balsamic vinegar and olive oil

There's nothing like discovering a new fruit or vegetable that is in season to experiment with in the kitchen. I hope this encourages you to get out of your normal culinary routine and try something different. Happy hunting!

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